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What Contributes to Your Having a Good Day? - Sip #18:

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mt st HelenaWine growers know that producing wine involves complex relationships and interdependencies. For the wine to reach the marketplace, many things must go reasonably well: working the land, decisions about which grapes to grow, caring for the vines, the winemaking process, and the storage and aging facilities.

Each link is critical, including how the wine is stored and displayed once it gets to market. From planting to opening the bottle, every step involves coordination and cooperation.

Adding to the complexity are the myriad varietals and vintages of wines that winemakers produce and customers buy. Wine’s variety and distinction mirrors such differences in people and the individual facets that have shaped our development over the years, contributing to who we are today.

TOAST – As we sip this glass of wine, think about all of the steps that went into making it, and all of the many people involved from harvesting the grapes, to fermenting the wine, to blending and bottling this precious liquid to share with us. Let’s toast to how we all contribute to making the world a better place.


  1. What factors are involved in the successes of your day?
  2. How do you notice all that goes well without doing so only after something has gone wrong?

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