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Blossoming Vines

WineSpirit is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and research on topics that celebrate how wine creates collaboration and beauty when used in moderation. Wine has been a part of many of the great religions of the world, and can also enhance personal spirituality and linkage to community.

With this in mind, in 2000 WineSpirit was established  as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its main purpose is to operate as the Institute for the Study of Wine and Spirituality by offering:

  • Educational Seminars – on topics related to wine and spirituality, such as wine and literature, art, science, religion, and other connections
  • Video Documentaries – of wine experts describing their viewpoints on wine and how it links to spirituality
  • Research Funding – for continued studies in the area of wine and spirituality that can be shared with WineSpirit members and guests.

History of WineSpirit

WineSpirit began as a conversation between two Davids, a businessman and a member of the clergy. Both sought to integrate spirituality into the business of life, ongoing awareness and celebration of specialness in moments throughout each day. Without such integration, business and spiritual realms remain separated and isolated pieces, indicative of the fragmentation that characterizes much of people’s daily life.

After several years search for integration, addressing matters of life balance and fragmentation, the Davids realized that the business of grape growing and wine production often overshadowed the joy and blessing of doing such unusual farming. They understood that religious institutions / organizations had many items on the agenda, with spirituality but one among them.

From a business perspective it was amazing to reflect on how many are drawn to the vineyard as a calling, a special feeling for the grape and the magic that it produces, with the jackpot at the dinner table and crowned with a toast. They were not drawn to apples, bananas, berries or dates. They were drawn to vineyards. From a spiritual perspective wine throughout time has been the agent of choice to fulfill an obligation to bring as many moments as possible to Life.

As the Davids shared questions and reflections with friends and colleagues, some of whom became WineSpirit Advisory Board members, what dawned was growing delight that each time they conversed, they gleaned more insight into wine’s extensive role in celebrating life and relationships. Wine metaphors blend knowledge with passion, inspiring people to make moments special, even holy; that is the domain of spirituality. Many teachings from widespread traditions can join hands in alignment and unity in raising a glass of wine to share in a toast.


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