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A Magical and Memorable Visit with Paul Dolan and So much more!!!

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Robert Mondavi GroupSunday, June 28 was an amazingly memorable experience for some 30 people that gathered at Frog's Leap Winery to enjoy Paul Dolan's presentation that demystified the mysteries of the vineyard.  Even before it began you had the sense of something special about to happen in that two of us responsible for WineSpirit arrived from totally different places in the Bay Area after negotiating challenging driving conditions due to the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco and the annual race at Sears Point.  What was remarkable was that the two of us arrived from different directions, at exactly the same instant, after an almost 2 hour drive.  What are the odds of arriving at the same instant?  


The day was magical in so many ways: the 30 participants came from wide and varied backgrounds, ranging from winery owners to happy consumers...all interested in learning from Paul about the latest insights in biodynamics of farming as pertains to grape growing and respectful treatment of the vineyard.  Paul made it so easy to understand.  As we digested how nature works in tandem with itself, when we humans allow that to happen, it made it conducive to pondering how people treat each other and how much better the world would be when we celebrate diversity as is the key to a healthy vineyard.  


In addition to enjoying the wonderful wines of Frog's Leap, and the delicious taste treats that WineSpirit organizing intern Laina Carter provided, the group was serendipitously treated to a field trip accentuating Paul's presentation by Frog Leap's Owner and Visionary John Williams as we learned from him about the magic and potency of dry farming, even as we were treated to peaches and plums also grown on the property.  


We are so grateful to Paul, to John and to the folks of Frog's Leap for their warm and welcoming hospitality and as an extra bonus, some wonderful wines tasted during the program and made available to all that were interested for a 30% discount.


We look forward to seeing you at our next WineSpirit program on Sunday September 27 featuring our Vice President of Operations, Master of Wine, Liz Thach and Advisory Board Member Sondra Barrett, Author of Wine's Hidden Beauty: 

Wine Palate & Shaping Taste– Curious about how genes impact your ability to taste or how the molecular universe of wine affects your experience of wine? As we explore the colorful expressions of wine and the five tastes (sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami) photographed with a microscope, we discover clues to our language, intuition about wine and what shapes our taste of wine? Will the patterns unveiled in this molecular world match how they feel in our mouths? Discover some roots for your inner experience and pleasure of wine.    Looking forward to seeing you then!


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